Boarding Horses or Keeping them at Home is a comprehensive site for small farm planning and management. If you are planning on buying property and building your own farm, you’ll find excellent advice here: (

If you are planning to take boarders, you want to know as much about them as you can before your agree to let them move in. Here is some background on what to consider when writing a boarding contract:

Seclusion Farms, in Athens, Georgia ( requires prospective boarders to complete this application. It helps the farm decide if the horse is a good fit for their program. Boarding application:

Here are two sample boarding contracts and a hold-harmless agreement. The waiver is imperative for anyone at the farm for any reason. This is the case even if you are in a state with a “ride at your own risk” law. (

Here’s one from Summerfield Farm, Lothian, MD ( :

Having written barn rules helps maintain a respectful and fun atmosphere.

This is the boarding contract from Seclusion Farms and their Barn Rules.

These are the rules from Summerfield Farm, Lothian, MD:


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