Since horses are one of the most expensive hobbies\pastimes\passions imaginable, dealing with finances will always be an issue. This is a perfect time for an overlook of your entire financial picture: what you owe, how you spend, how to save and for what, how you pay your bills, and how to keep track of it all.

There are many online resources to help you with this challenge. One of the best sites is This comprehensive site covers all aspects of economical living. Under the ‘Money’ menu, you’ll find worksheets for monthly spending, monthly bills, budgeting, tracking automatic bill pay, calculating your debt load, and debt repayment plans.

The Federal Trade Commission has a very simplified budgeting worksheet:

Financial Planning

Many people think they do not have enough assets to justify developing a long-range financial plan. That’s probably not the case. Meet with a certified financial planner. She can review your finances and knows all the techniques and tips for explaining where you are financially and how to effectively make your money work for you.

The next expense for a horse lover is owning a horse. Horse Illustrated has an excellent Horse Cost Calculator that breaks down the expected, optional, and surprise expenses.


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