Gossip, Bullying, and Unsettling Situations

Few things kill your enthusiasm for going to the barn than dealing with barn drama. As probably the most mature (oldest) people there, we can so a lot to stop the nonsense, just by refusing to participate or by saying a few choice comments. Most of us raised kids, so we know what to say. Here are some other suggestions from The Plaid Horse: https://bit.ly/3tUHYTO

If there are situations at the barn that you think management (barn manager, head trainer or instructor, owner) need to know about or a situation that bothers you personally, but you are uncertain about how to handle a difficult conversation, here is a step-by-step checklist from personal development trainer Judy Ringer. (https://bit.ly/3KIM3kR)

Sexual abuse has impacted the equestrian world as it has nearly all other athletic activities. In response, the competitive sports world created “SafeSport.” This program attempts to inform people about the signs of abuse, allow people to file complaints, investigate claims, and take action if warranted. If you are a member of any national equestrian organization and want to compete at their events, you must complete the online training course. It takes a few hours and is very interesting and informative. If you are not a member but are still interested in the training, it costs a few dollars, but is worth it. (https://safesport.org/)


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