Horse Expos and Major Events

These are the largest and most well-known of the horse expos in the United States, but there are many more regional events worth exploring. The websites have details about the clinicians, the schedule of demonstrations, and special events at the shows. The Facebook groups have last-minute information.

Arizona Horseman’s Challenge and Expo. Temporarily on hold while the pandemic plays itself out.

Bluebonnet Horse Expo. (FB: Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society) Scheduled for October, pandemic permitting. In addition to other demos, this event features a Rescue Horse Training Challenge. Proceeds benefit the Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

Equitana. (FB Equitana USA) One of the largest and most prestigious. Held annually at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. Many of the educational events are recorded and are available for viewing online.

Equine Affaire (FB) Equine Affaire, Inc. (Official)

(There are two Equine Affaires. One is held in Columbus, Ohio. The other is in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The FB page referenced here is for the Ohio event. There does not appear to be one for Massachusetts.)

Horse World Expo. (FB: World Horse Expo) The biggest event in the mid-Atlantic. Held in Harrisburg, PA in March.

Michigan Horse Expo. (FB: Michigan Horse Expo) In March in Lansing. In addition to the usual events, there are rodeo and reining competitions.

Midwest Horse Fair, Madison, WI. (FB: Midwest Horse Fair) One of the largest fairs in the US. Clinicians in all disciplines, breed demonstrations, 500 vendors, rodeo competitions, trick riding.

Minnesota Horse Expo. (FB: Minnesota Horse Expo) Held at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul in April. Demos, rodeo competition, pony rides.

Northwest Horse Fair and Expo, Albany, OR. In March. In addition to clinicians, demos, and shopping, there are breed and stallion showcases.

Southern Equine Expo. (FB: Southern Equine Expo)Held annually in Murfreesboro, TN. Usually in March.

Washington State Horse Expo, Ridgefield. (FB: Washington State Horse Expo) Held in March. Big highlight is a timed trail obstacle course competition.

Western States Horse Expo. (FB: Western States Horse Expo) This is the largest event on the West Coast. Held in Sacramento every June.

Traveling with your horse to an expo? Check out my Traveling with Horses resources!




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