Injury Prevention

If there is any guarantee about horses, it is that you will accumulate cuts, bruises, contusions, concussions, breaks, strains, and sprains. However, there are steps we can take to minimize the possibility and damage.


Unplanned dismounts are a given with riding. The days of springing back up with nothing more than a bruised ego are long past for most of us. Landsafe- Reducing Rider Risk is a system that teaches riders how to minimize injury when falling or being thrown. Developed by a former eventer and a former jockey, the two-day course is popular with eventers and hunter\jumpers, particularly for those under age 50. However, all riders are welcome as auditors if not as participants.

Their videos give you an idea of what to expect. (Overview)

(Longer demo of entire weekend, including demo of safety vests)

(FB – Landsafe-Reducing Rider Risk)


As we age, our reflexes and response time slow. We are less limber and our ability to sense where we are in space slows. We lose some of our sense of balance, which can have disastrous results both on and off our horses.

There are dozens of online videos that show balance exercises. One of the best is from Physical Therapist Jenny McClendon. (

This video by Seth Kardos is designed for soccer and basketball players and other athletes who make sudden moves and need to react quickly. If you are a beginner, you’ll need time to build strength for some of these. (


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