Natural Disasters

The National Equine Emergency Evacuation Directory is a free online resource. It connects people needing to evacuate with a network of volunteers offering stabling, transportation, search and rescue, and other services, like veterinarians and farriers.

Fleet of Angels is a national nonprofit organization that provides assistance to horse owners in emergencies. It coordinates with FEMA and national agencies, state emergency offices, and other groups during a crisis to provide accurate information, advice, and effective services.

Disaster Planning for You and Your Horse from Ontario County, NY has excellent in-depth advice and more templates for recording everything you will need to keep track of.

Fire! Flood! Earthquake! What Do I Do With My Horse?! From the City of Los Angeles and the Mount Nebo Mountain Ridge Riders. Excellent guide for dealing with the disasters that are so familiar to Californians.

Louisiana State Animal Response Team has several guides and checklists for preparedness and evacuation procedures. Those include several pages for recording important information.

Markel Insurance developed an excellent guide for preparing for hurricanes.

Colorado State Extension Service has this guide for wildfire preparedness.

University of California at Davis provides excellent guides for dangers, symptoms, and treatment for horses exposed to wildfire smoke.


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