Online Groups

There are easily over a dozen groups on Facebook that are specifically for our age group. Most are women-only, although a few are co-ed. Some are very active while others see only a few messages a week. They are almost all private groups, and most do not allow outside links or sharing of posts. That makes them safe places to talk, ask advice, and vent. They are supportive and sympathetic.

Newcomers with questions are welcome. Many groups have directories so members can find each other. A few are discipline-specific. These groups are listed roughly by how active they are.

Aging Horsewomen Intl.™

Old Cowgirls Never Die – We Keep on Riding

Ageless in the Saddle Women 40+

Adult English Equestrian Forum

Ladies Horse Society™

The Warm Up Arena

Gals over 50 and in the Saddle

Gals over 50 and Back in the Saddle, Part III

Ladies Over 50 and Still in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle Over 50

Re-Riders (B)older and Wiser

Seasoned Horsewomen (40+ Years)

Equestrian Super Senior Riders (co-ed)

Equestrian Seniors (co-ed)

In addition, if you travel and camp with your horse, there are several groups of interest in the “Traveling with your Horse” section of the Resources


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