Your ears will get tired if you try to listen to all of the horse-oriented podcasts. Some are hosted by trainers and clinicians. Others are sponsored by equine companies and include interviews with guests from throughout the equine world. Some focus on a specific discipline or activity.

If you search for “equine podcasts,” you will get dozens of hits. The largest network of podcasts is the Horse Radio Network which streams about 20 shows. Some of them cover general horse topics. Others are discipline-specific (dressage, hunter\jumper, driving). There are podcasts for equine businesses, training, and horse health. The most popular is Horses in the Morning, hosted by Glenn Herbert. He chats with guests from all areas of the horse world. (www.horseradionetwork.com)

Warwick Schiller is a well-respected trainer and clinician. His podcast “The Journey On” focuses on the mental, spiritual, and self-development sides of riding, (https://www.warwickschiller.com/podcast/)

Finding the Feel interviews professionals in many areas of horsemanship. The weekly podcasts are archived by topic. (www.findingthefeel.com)


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