Creating Your Journey


A companion guide to help you question and explore your horse adventure.

Designed to empower, this journal will guide you as you start this journey into your personal dreams of horses, horseback riding, and the joy of having horses in your life.

This companion guide is perfect for:

  • Someone who once dreamed of horses and never got to have them in their life until now,
  • Someone who rode when you were much younger but had to set horses aside for a while, or
  • A lifelong horse person who is now exploring how horses will fit into your life as it changes.

It can be challenging to start or re-start your horse experience later in life. In Creating Your Journey, you’ll:

  • Discover what area of the horse industry inspires you
  • Find an instructor
  • Narrow down the right stable
  • Learn Ffitness tips and guidance
  • Gain guidance when shopping for a horse
  • And much more!

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