Riders of a Certain Age


Your Guide for Loving Horses
Midlife and Beyond

A delightfully honest look at the realities of starting out with horses…when you’re getting older.

Surveys show that riders over the age of 40 are the fastest-growing segment of the horse world, with those age 65 and above seeing the biggest jump. Yes, when we conjure up images of “horse girls” the picture is generally comprised of happily grubby youngsters or teenagers with roomsful of ribbons, but there is healthy segment of the equestrian population that first finds—or first finds time for—horses in midlife or beyond. And this is the only handbook available for these riders, trainers, rescuers, and volunteers.

With carefully curated guidance collected over years of horsing around, rider and writer Fran Severn knows of which she speaks and wants readers to feel emboldened and empowered by the tips, lessons, and advice shared in these pages. You’ll find:

  • Options for riding…and not riding (but still having horses in your life).
  • Finding an instructor and being a good student.
  • What can your body still do? Fitness, weight, and fear.
  • Effects of menopause, arthritis, and changing vision, hearing, and breathing.
  • Rules for buying, leasing, and boarding horses.
  • Budgeting for horse-related finances.
  • Dealing with family.
  • And much more.