Ownership & Horsekeeping

Ownership & Horsekeeping

Safety & Fear

This section has information about best practices for personal safety around horses, safety equipment and procedures, as well as information on emergency alert systems. This is also the place to learn about dealing with the fear many riders experience. (FB) indicates that the company, organization, or individual has a Facebook presence. While individual products may be mentioned, it does not imply a recommendation. Links are simply leads. You are responsible for further research and decisions.

Safesport: This is the organization that deals with the sexual abuse of competitors in all sports. If you are a member of any national equine organization or involved in showing at official, licensed shows, you must complete an online training program. It takes a few hours and gives you important knowledge. https://safesport.org

Horse Health & Emergencies

Fitness & Health

This is where you look for leads on your physical needs: information on where and how to find fitness trainers; health concerns unique to us; safety equipment; and weight and its effect on our health and riding.


Finances and Legal

Getting and keeping your affairs in order makes life easier now and in the future.

Traveling with Your Horse

Fun Stuff

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