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Welcome! Howdy! Bonjour! Ola! Wilkommen! How y’all doin’? Wie gehts? What’s up?

And THANK YOU for visiting the site of the book: Riders of a Certain Age. This is the ‘support and resource’ page for my book “Riders of a Certain Age: Your Guide to Loving Horses Mid-Life and Beyond.” The book and page are dedicated to helping ‘mature’ women discover and enjoy horses and the equine world and lifestyle.

It came about because I am one of the Riders of a Certain Age. While I’d had a few chances to ride in my younger years, it wasn’t until I was almost fifty that I could immerse myself in all things equine. I quickly realize how little I knew and as I met other new\old riders, how little they knew, as well.

I began researching questions I kept hearing: How do I find an instructor? Should I buy a horse? How much does riding cost? Can I ride after a knee replacement? What happens to my horses if I can’t care for them any longer? How do I deal with an unsupportive spouse?

My curiosity resulted in the book. So why have a separate website (except for providing an easy way to order it)? Two reasons. First, with a print book, there’s no way for readers to click on a link to get more information about a subject or equipment. By using the ‘resources’ tabs on the website, you can quickly connect to subjects and find the links. Second, it allows the flexibility to update information. It took nearly two years from submitting the book proposal to holding the first copy. New research, new topics, new equipment appear while others are outdated or off the market. And it gives me a chance to have some fun by posting videos and blogs from other horsewomen just for their entertainment value.

So please browse and discovers and enjoy. Please join the Riders of a Certain Age Facebook page and join in the conversation and community. And sign up for our mailing list. I will never share your information. It will be a once-a-month update of what’s up within our community.

Thanks again for visiting and see you around the barn!


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